Volumizing Experience Shampoo (1000 ml)

Volumizing Experience Shampoo (1000 ml)

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Volumizing Experience Shampoo

Body and fullness fine and limp hair [color save]

Complex formula, made with Wheat Protein, Vitamins A and H, Red Sicilian Oranges and Rosemary essential oil.

Replenishes and rebuilds the internal structure of fine and limp hair giving it volume and strength, as well as a beautiful visual appearance.

How to use
Apply small amount to wet hair.
Lather then rinse thoroughly.

Size available:
250 ml
1000 ml


Red Sicilian Orange
Rich in flavonoids and essential oils, this ingredient has anti-aging properties and helps prevent dry skin and inflammation.

Vitamin A, a protective agent for the skin’s surface, it is both hydrating and disinfecting. When necessary it also helps lubricate the scalp.

Vitamin H contributes to hair growth.