Volcanic Elixir Natural Detox

Volcanic Elixir Natural Detox

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Volcanic Elixir

A pure and natural finishing rinse that eliminates toxins and heavy elements deposited on the hair. Rica Volcanic Elixir restores softness and beauty, leaving hair fuller, shinier, easier to style and leaving the scalp feeling refreshed and soothed.


Volcanic Water
contains vitamins, minerals and precious trace elements which strengthen and fortify the hair structure.

The complex of seven herbs
consisting of Birch, Rosemary, Wild Thyme, Coltsfoot, Horse Tail, Nettle and Yarrow, tones, soothes, cleanses and detoxifies the scalp and hair.

Lavender Water
soothes, protects and restores the moisturising balance of the scalp.

Mint Water
known for its energizing and invigorating properties, gives a pleasant sensation of freshness, invigorating the senses.

Vinegar Honey and Extract of Lemon
bind and remove impurities detoxifying the hair and scalp. They remove at the same time, polluting agents from smog, dusts and hard water residues, which damage and dull hair, are rinsed clean.

It detoxifies and balances the hair and scalp, leaving hair feeling fuller, healthy, shiny and bouncy.

All kind of hair and scalp

Apply Colorica colour or Naturica shampoo as normal.
Rinse with normal water.
For the last rinse use Rica Volcanic Elixir. It is very important Volcanic Elixir is the last water in contact with the hair fiber.
Apply Volcanic Elixir to the scalp and throughout the hair from roots to ends.
Make sure that enough Volcanic Elixir has been applied to rinse the hair entirely and thoroughly.
Gently massage the hair, making sure to distribute Volcanic Elixir evenly and thoroughly.
Complete the treatment by massaging the product on to the ends.
Proceed with drying, styling and setting.

SIZE: 500 ml