Detoxifying Comfort Shampoo (250 ml)

Detoxifying Comfort Shampoo (250 ml)

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Detoxifying Comfort Shampoo

Scalp revitalizer and hair detoxifier all hair types  [color save]

Extracts of Capparis Spinosa, and Mint and Rosemary essential oils work together to soothe, protect and refresh sensitive scalps, giving instant relief.

A ph neutral shampoo for frequent use. A light texture that gently washes away daily stress by helping remove impurities, pollution and build-up without stripping color giving hair shine, vitality and elasticity.

Apply small amount to wet hair.
Lather then rinse thoroughly.

250 ml
1000 ml


Capparis Spinosa
Rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP and C, this ingredient protects the skin from the effects of external pollutants.


Rosemary Essential Oil
Rich in flavonoids and essential oils, this ingredient has anti-aging properties and helps prevent dry skin and inflammation.