Colorica NaturalHair Colour

Colorica NaturalHair Colour

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Natural Hair Colour

Colorica is the fruit of nature, technology and our passion. The technology of our new generation colour guarantees longer lasting, more vibrant colours. We have included eight natural ingredients to create a colour application that is more like a hair treatment, because healthy and well-nourished hair is shinier, glossier and holds onto colour better.

– the multidimensional molecular structure of new-generation Colorica colourant delivers longer lasting colour
– our colour is a true treatment, nourishing and moisturizing hair while adding vibrant colour
– with 95% natural ingredients on average in every tube
– delivers 100% grey coverage

100 ml.


Cationic Polymers
They create a protective film that covers and protects the hair shaft, leaving it smooth, glossy, soft and easy to comb.


Natural cosmetic element rich in mineral salts, proteins, trace elements and Vitamin B5. It re-invigorates the hair guaranteeing protection, nutrition and moisture.


Jojoba Oil
Jojoba is a small shrub whose fruits are rich in proteins and nutrients. Its oil is an excellent nourishing treatment for the hair, which becomes softer and glossier.


Keratin Extract
Keratin extract is simply a blend of 4 amino acids that are reintegrated to the structure of the hair, to restore strength, health and shine.


Medicinal plant with soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory action. Its leaves are used to soothe the scalp.


Plant known for its particular soothing, softening and calming properties. It gives the scalp the delicacy it needs.


New Generation Colour
Thanks to its multidimensional molecular structure, “Colorica” stays inside the hair longer, to deliver longer lasting colour. The colour is therefore brighter for longer.


Vitamin C
The antioxidant par excellence, allows hair colour to last longer because it is less subject to oxidation by external agents.


Volcanic Water
In the depths of Mount Etna runs a source of spring water that absorbs precious minerals from the layers of molten rock through which it flows. These minerals increasing its revitalising properties.